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A4 Group values every customer. We are here to provide you with the highest quality of products and services. We help each of our clients create their branded products and support them with our knowledge in the production of dietary supplements.


All dietary supplements and cosmetics are produced by the highest quality standards for food and cosmetics, as evidenced by the GMP and HACCP certificates awarded to us by certification bodies.


Our qualified team of scientists and technologists from the R&D department is always at your disposal. Professional customer service is our most important, so we help customers at every stage of creating their products.


Our modern laboratory allows us to ensure quality control of our products at every production stage. We also cooperate with independent, accredited external laboratories, which additionally confirm the quality of our products.


A4 Group owns the BREEZEN e-commerce platform, where you can also post your products, thus increasing the chance of acquiring new customers.

How it works

Thanks to the highest quality products and our e-commerce platform, we help boost your brand recognition

Fill out the contact form and order a free consultation, during which our employee will guide you through the entire process and present you with a complete offer tailored precisely to your needs.
Tell us your needs, and we will help you select the most appropriate ingredients and individual and wholesale packaging.
Please tell us your expectations, and we will help you create professional graphic designs for your products. You can also send us ready-made projects. We will take care of the rest.
After approving the design, placing the order and making the prepayment agreed upon with our employee, we will immediately start the production process.
When your product is ready for shipment, we will prepare and organize the fastest and most convenient delivery. We will also inform you about the shipment.

Why is it worth create of your private labelled dietary supplements

Dietary Supplements with your brand

The dietary supplements market is considered one of Europe’s most profitable and fast-growing markets today. Many entrepreneurs will invest in this promising sector within the following years. What is the best way to enter this dynamic market? You may begin your business by creating and launching your branded products or becoming a retailer of existing brands.

From our side, we offer you a professional and flexible business partnership. As the dietary supplements manufacturing sector leader, we provide the best quality products at reasonable and competitive prices. We also offer all our business partners aftersales service at the highest level.

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Our offer:

A4 Group, as your business partner, provides services with:

  • Contract manufacturing and wholesale of dietary supplements.
  • Custom formulation and bottling of CBD oil with minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC etc.)
  • Encapsulation of customers’ CBD formulations into soft gelatine capsules.
  • Encapsulation of oil-soluble vitamins and herbal extracts.
  • Manufacturing gelatine gummies according to customers’ recipes (after approval of technical possibilities on our equipment).
  • Cosmetiscs manufacturing.
  • Other services on request.
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We strictly follow the law and market regulations.

Since the dietary supplements, cosmetics, and CBD industry is constantly growing, legal aspects in different countries of Europe have changed very often. A4 Group, like all EU countries, follows the frequently revised European regulations of dietary supplements, cosmetics and CBD products.

By starting production of your private brand business with us, you may be confident that we are the best partner to deal with. As an A4 Group, we constantly provide regulatory and law support to our business partners. We also meet all European standards and have all the required certificates to comply with all European regulations and standards fully.

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With A4 Group help, I have finally managed to launch my own CBD brand. They have helped me develop the range of my products what allowed me to attract potential customers who found my company online.
Emma Stuart
Cooperation with A4 Group allowed me to increase my products' margins significantly. Previously, I bought goods from competitors and kept large stocks, leading to significant losses. They offered me a satisfied MOQ, I cut down on warehouse and logistics costs, and now I'm investing more in advertising. Thank you!
Gabrielle Lucas
Each of you knows how difficult it is to launch your brand in CBD. In this very competitive market, there are many small nuances in the legislation of different countries. Thanks to Tomasz from A4 for the detailed explanation of each call. I saved a lot of money on lawyers and marketing reports, finally allowing me to start this business. Good luck to the A4 team !!!
Adriano Davies
Finally ! Years of searching for a reliable manufacturer of CBD products brought me to the doors of A4 Group, where I could eventually extend my current product line with new gummies and CBD + CBG oil. Together with products supply, I've received all necessary lab tests, CoA's, product specs and MSDS
Marco Gonzales

Our Customer Sales Service responds Rapidly

We advise our partners in the initial stages of setting up a company and creating their brands

Private Label - FAQ

What can you expect from us by entrusting us with creating and producing your branded products?
How long it takes to produce my own branded products
What are the main benefits of creating your CBD brand in cooperation with the A4 Group?
How can I boost my business with A4 Group in Europe?

White Label CBD Europe & UK: Grow Your Brand with A4 Group

According to Statista, the European CBD market is expected to reach 3.47 billion euros by the end of 2024. This means that the demand for CBD products is constantly growing, requiring companies to invest in reliable suppliers and promote their brands. A4 Group provides white-label CBD Europe solutions to help your brand sell top-tier solutions under your label. 

Our team’s modern facilities and years of expertise allow us to provide you with everything needed to stand out in the market. A4 Group is among the leading CBD white-label Europe manufacturers who create top-tier solutions using the industry’s best practices. It’s a win-win collaboration: you get maximum quality at a reasonable price. From premium oils to innovative edibles, our catalog will leave a lasting impression.

As a leading white-label CBD company, we understand all the nuances of the market. We meticulously prepare our offerings to meet the dynamic demands of consumers. It is not just about products: it’s about delivering an experience. The white-label CBD market is fierce, but with A4 Group by your side, your brand can conquer its niche.

Our UK CBD white-label solutions are forged to meet and exceed industry standards. You’ll get products that exceed any expectations and resonate with your customers, setting your brand on their list for repeat purchases. 

Grow your brand with A4 Group’s team where professionals work together to provide you with the best white-label CBD products UK. We’ll craft unique solutions for your company to ensure it stands out in the market and brings you profits.

White Label CBD Europe: Tailored Solutions for Your Brand

If you’re looking for a way to grow your brand with premium CBD products, then partnering with A4 Group is your only option. Europe’s largest CBD manufacturer will help you craft customized white-label CBD products designed to meet your brand’s unique needs. Our modern facilities and industry expertise ensure that every product is of unmatched quality.

With A4 Group as your trusted white-label CBD company, you gain access to a broad range of CBD products tailored specifically for the European market. Whether CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, or topicals, our extensive selection allows you to offer a diverse product line under your brand. We understand the nuances of the European market and guarantee compliance with all regulatory standards.

Partner with us to benefit from our years of experience and commitment to perfection. We’ll grow your brand with our top-class white-label CBD products crafted exclusively for Europe. Your success is our priority, and A4 Group keeps you in capable hands. Experience the difference of partnering with the industry leader in white-label CBD products in Europe.

Unmatched Quality: White Label CBD Products by A4 Group

A4 Group’s white-label CBD products in Europe present a completely new range of possibilities for our clients. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product bears the mark of excellence. As a leading figure in the industry, we deliver solutions crafted with precision and expertise. Our white-label CBD offerings span a wide range, designed perfectly to meet your brand’s unique needs.

Partnering with A4 Group will provide you with access to a legacy of top-tier quality. Every step of the production process is executed with extreme attention, from sourcing the finest ingredients to the final packaging. This detailed approach ensures that our white-label CBD products stand out in Europe’s competitive market. With A4 Group, you’re not just elevating your brand: you’re setting a new standard for quality, making all your competitors fall back. Let’s team up today to conquer the European market.

Partnering for Success: Your Trusted White Label CBD Company

Our white-label solutions mean that we produce our supplements using your company’s branding elements for future sales. Using our experience and commitment to innovation, you’ll get the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available. Choosing A4 Group as your partner means getting a team dedicated to the success of your brand.

Our expertise in white-label CBD in Europe is proven by multiple successful case studies and client reviews. We understand the difficulties of this market, from compliance to consumer preferences, and this allows us to create each product with care. You’ll get products that seamlessly resonate with your buyers.

We can scale alongside your business with our modern facilities and a team of skilled professionals. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand, A4 Group is equipped to meet your needs. Elevate your brand with the assurance of a trusted white-label CBD company.

Elevate Your Brand with CBD White Label in Europe & UK

If you’re ready to unlock your brand’s full potential, then A4 Group is your trusted CBD white-label solutions partner. We understand that standing out is key in the competitive market of Europe and the UK. That’s why our white-label CBD products are crafted with precision, combining the finest ingredients with cutting-edge technology.

With A4 Group, you’re getting products combined with a collaborative partnership dedicated to your brand’s success. Our modern facilities and experienced team ensure that your vision comes to life. Whether it’s CBD tinctures, capsules, or topicals, we tailor each product to reflect your brand’s identity and values.

A4 Group will provide you with all our experience to ensure your brand’s success. You’ll get outstanding high-quality solutions that will make your customers turn into loyal buyers and ask for more. Let’s become partners and start our collaboration.

Let’s Partner Today

Grow your brand’s capabilities with A4 Group’s support. Our CBD white-label solutions are manufactured in modern factories, ensuring we transform any vision into a reality. High-quality and branded products have never been more accessible due to our industry’s expertise and top-tier facilities.

Choosing A4 Group means working with a provider who values quality and innovation. White-label CBD products crafted by us prove our dedication to perfection. From ideation to creation, we’re here to turn your vision into premium products that resonate with your audience.

Partner with A4 Group and get a quote today to start conquering the CBD industry with high-quality products. Your success is our success, so we’re fully dedicated to ensuring your growth. Work with the leaders of the CBD white-label industry and become the leader in the market with us.