White Label – Softgels

Why choose softgels?

It is not without reason that soft capsules are so popular among dietary supplements available on the market. Our customers willingly choose this formula due to its many favourable properties.

The essential advantages of soft capsules include in particular:

Easy to swallow thanks to the slippery coating surface

The ability to neutralize the unpleasant smell of the product, as well as its unattractive taste

Hermeticity, which affects the protection of the contents of the capsule

Multifunctional because different substances can be placed in the capsule (liquids, suspensions, solutions, etc.)

Quick dissolution of the casing, which shortens the product absorption process into the body

It should be noted here that soft gelatin and vegetable capsules usually contain fewer excipients than standard tablets. In addition, the shell of the substance is entirely inert to the body and is quickly digested.

Our regular offer – CBD Softgels

In our regular offer, you can find isolate formula softgels with CBD concentrations of 15 and 25 mg and an undetectable level of THC contamination.

Packaging contains 30 or 60 pcs of softgels in a 120 ml PET amber jar.

We also offer broad and full-spectrum formulations on client request with a dedicated concentration of active ingredients and packaging adjusted to customers’ demands.