Contract manufacturing

We are ready to become your reliable partner and manufacture products for you on an ongoing basis. Our large production capacity is the best proof that we are prepared to produce large volumes of products on time. Our internal laboratories will always be an additional guarantee of quality.

Product development

The expertise of our team, as well as the latest equipment, will allow us to create individual product formulas for you. The A4 Group team includes certified chemists, biologists, food technologists and more. We have experience with CBD, CBN, CBG, CBDA and other cannabinoids. Our main goal is to minimize your product launch time and brand launch costs. Submit your application today and see for yourself!

Labeling and Packaging

We have dozens of packaging options for your products. You can choose the option from our range of packaging that best meets your customers’ wishes. If not, our R&D team is at your disposal. We are always open to the wishes of our customers. Over the years in the CBD industry, we have developed many brands and partnered with some of the best label, box, and packaging manufacturers. Our expertise allows us to consider all the nuances of labelling, transporting and storing products, so our team will always help you choose the best solution.


Cooperating with us, you not only get high-quality products at a low price, but you also get a consulting service, for which we have spent years researching the niche and hundreds of thousands of euros to purchase marketing reports and legal consulting. We are interested in your success, and your high sales are our best praise.