About us

A4 Group is a modern Polish manufacturer of functional nutrition, dietary supplements, CBD products, and cosmetics, founded in 2020 by two Swiss capital co-owners.

We founded our company as a group of specialists fascinated by improving the quality of life by creating natural dietary supplements and cosmetics with health-promoting properties. Our natural products are developed based on science, in-house research, and scientific expertise. This approach required us to conduct hundreds of experiments, tests, and analyses, but we believe that to care for your health correctly, you should choose the best from nature. That is why each product developed by our experts is based on individual recipes resulting from the needs of our customers, and we comply with the highest standards based on GMP and HAACP procedures in the production processes. Our finished products are controlled in microbiological analyses, heavy metals, allergens, and other contaminants. Regarding ingredients and packaging deliveries, we cooperate only with the best suppliers of raw materials in Europe and worldwide, so we can provide you with the highest quality products you need.

Our technology has been developed to make the best of herbal materials. Every product by A4 Group contains the amount of active ingredients specified on its packaging and meets all safety standards for its category. This effect was achieved by designing manufacturing processes and methods based on the Quality by Design concept, which arranges the production processes so that high quality is built into the final effect by default. Our analytical laboratory, established alongside our production plant, makes it easier for us to control herbal processing operations. We subject our extracts to follow-up analysis at each significant production stage. Our know-how and years of research allow us to consciously select the raw material for extraction to guarantee the quality of the final products free of pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.

Changing market trends and legislation influence the demands of our business partners. These challenges are a source of inspiration for us to modify herbal extracts. We can refine the sections to the level of insulated substances thanks to top-class equipment from renowned manufacturers. The first stage of “improving” the quotes is winterization (dewaxing), i.e. removing roughage, which is redundant and sometimes even undesirable. Thanks to dewaxing, the consistency of the extracts is significantly improved without negatively affecting their qualities. In the next stage, the sections can be concentrated via molecular distillation. Under high vacuum conditions, undesirable substances can be evaporated from the extract without degrading important compounds and using any solvents.

Thanks to chromatographic techniques, we can also isolate individual cannabinoids and obtain isolated compounds of the highest purity. This allows us to create pure cannabinoids and finished products without contamination, meeting strict legal requirements. By controlling the whole process of cannabis preparation, A4 Group has maximum flexibility in preparing products. We produce full, broad and narrow-spectrum oils and products containing purified extracts and isolated cannabinoids. In each case, we take care of the highest quality and safety.

Thanks to our commitment, quality of manufactured products and flexibility to customer needs, we quickly gained trust in the market.

We have been trusted by, among others, the world-famous Portuguese footballer Luis Figo, who has become our ambassador, and for whom we produce a line of CBD products in the form of oils, capsules, gummies and cosmetics. www.luisfigo.eu