28 September 2022

After North America the European CBD market is considered to be the second-largest in the world and is rapidly developing. CBD products are unrestricted in Europe and there were created the regulations to keep under control their sales.

At the same time, if you want to become a CBD distributor in Europe you should understand that apart from European CBD regulations each country has their own laws and rules you have to stick to. Some countries, like Iceland, permit CBD products only with no THC content.

Nevertheless, there are still many countries that have legalized CBD products and the hemp market is blooming there. Among these countries are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Spain, Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands. The most promising of them are Germany and the United Kingdom. You might also notice that CBD is often produced from hemp grown in Switzerland. This country also permits CBD and has many hemp plantations, as well as Austria.

Many of these countries consider CBD products legal if the THC content in them is less than 0, 2 % and on a condition of not claiming the medicinal purposes by the manufacturer or seller. 

Our A4 Group CBD goods follow these rules, so you can feel free to sell it being a CBD distributor in Europe.

About CBD Spray and Benefits of Being CBD Spray Distributor in Europe

The forms of CBD are relatively variable and can be intended for internal, like CBD oil or edible gummies, or for external use like topicals, or even be inhaled if it has a form of special liquid. As a distributor you can wholesale any of them, however, we suggest you think about becoming a CBD spray distributor in Europe.

CBD spray is still the same CBD oil, but in a more convenient format than as a tincture. The main advantage of spray is that it does not occupy much space, so you can bring it in a pocket everywhere. It is also easier for consumption and daily dosing. CBD sprays also have different flavors which cover the earthy undertones of oil and it can be a key factor for the end-customers while choosing the product.

On our A4 Group website we provide a diverse CBD spray flavor choice for you to be the top CBD spray distributor in Europe.  

What You Should Know Before Becoming a CBD Paste Distributor in Europe

There are some peculiarities of being a CBD paste distributor in Europe. CBD paste is undiluted CBD extract that has a sticky consistency, easily stains and can have almost liquid form or to be hard to squeeze out of the tube and apply – it depends on room temperature and season of hemp harvesting. All of these makes CBD paste not so comfortable to use directly by customers.

Although as an independent CBD paste distributor in Europe you can sell it to various companies for further usage to create the customer-friendly products. Remember that according to the European Novel Food Guideline, if CBD paste contains too high a percentage of CBD it can’t be sold as a food supplement.  

The Opportunities of CBD Oil Distributor in Europe and Marketing Value

Most of the sales in the CBD industry are related to the CBD oil market, so you can safely enter the European market starting as a CBD oil distributor in Europe.

For CBD industry official business running is a basic requirement, so you have to be licensed to wholesale oil or any other format of CBD. It is also equally important for becoming a reputable distributor to find a trustworthy distribution partner as your source of CBD products. Following these rules you will quickly and smoothly enter the hemp industry.

You can purchase high quality CBD oil online on our website with an affordable pricing to succeed as the CBD oil distributor in Europe.

Unveiling the Prowess of CBD Paste Distributor in Europe

As the CBD market in Europe continues to surge, the role of a reliable distributor cannot be overstated. A4 Group, a powerhouse in the industry, stands ready to lead the charge. Our prowess as a CBD paste distributor in Europe is unmatched. We specialize in premium-grade CBD paste, meticulously sourced and crafted for potency and purity. Partnering with us means accessing a product that embodies excellence and sets new industry standards.

With a track record of excellence, A4 Group has established itself as a trusted name in the CBD market. Our dedication to quality ensures that every batch of CBD paste we distribute meets stringent standards. By choosing us as your distributor, you’re not just accessing a product but aligning with a legacy of quality, integrity, and innovation. Elevate your CBD offerings with A4 Group and experience the unparalleled advantage of partnering with a true industry leader.