28 September 2022

Most European countries advocate for the legalization of cannabis which is a bullish signal for business people looking to benefit from the growth of the industry.

The rapid growth of the European medical-marijuana market and the explosive growth of healthy CBD goods have caused changes in attitudes after many years of human resistance and denial. Our satisfied customers prove it through regular ordering CBD products online from us.

The hemp plant discussion is already less about stroking panic. Such a shift from opposition to approval is a positive signal for business people and stockholders looking to hit the market. Read on to know more about the legal status of this plant on the European landscape.

Is Cannabis Legal in Europe?

Whereas all European countries consider ownership of marijuana for individual purposes as an offense, many of them do not allow imprisonment as a punishment for minor offenses. And in many of them where the legislation provides imprisonment for ownership of marijuana, national regulations do not recommend doing so.

Any European government does not approve the legalization of the cannabis trade for recreational purposes, and all countries imply imprisonment for illegal sale. Nonetheless, over the past few years, some bills and initiatives have been proposed to different parliaments but were rejected.

According to international law, growing, selling, and owning cannabis is only permitted for therapeutic use. Ownership of a hemp plant for private use has to be considered a crime to prevent its use and is fraught with imprisonment in many countries. 

Nonetheless, over the past couple of years, some jurisdictions have reduced fines for marijuana consumers and allowed its selling, letting us see various models of control and their effects. Policy debates are confusing due to contradictory claims – decriminalization versus legalization, economic development, or downturn.

Where Is Cannabis Legal in Europe?

Most countries in Europe have legally permitted medical cannabis over the past couple of years but access to it is still erratic. A vast number of countries have removed the criminal status of owning small marijuana amounts, thereby leaving criminal law sanctions in the past.

Nonetheless, the European hemp plant laws can seem perplexing as several countries allow only cannabis-derived plants but not flowers or some natural forms. Given the EU has recently allowed cannabidiol and hemp items, yet, it is essential to check the legislation before you move abroad if you worry about where cannabis is legal in Europe.

Legal Cannabis in Europe

The legal status of marijuana for various purposes differs from one country to another, in terms of ownership, selling, and growing, how it can be used and what health problems it can solve. For example, the Ukrainian government has already prepared a legislative framework for the full production cycle of cannabis-based products.

Europe begins to allow marijuana for recreational purposes or is considering the possibility of allowing it. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the speed of change has reduced in several countries. Thus, Italy decided to stop selling ‘cannabis light’ items containing up to 0.2% THC in 2019.

Now as you know that cannabis is legal on the European landscape, ensure you make the right choice of CBD products supplier. If you choose us, you can be sure you get the highest-quality service as we have a passion for what we do.