The rules from EIHA for sublicences:

  • Until the European Commission grants its NF approval, sublicences will only be issued to EIHA and 4A GROUP members and contracted partners of the consortium.
  • After the granting of the authorisation by the European Commission, a new (and more expensive) licensing system for non-EIHA members will be set up.
  • All sublicences can only be contracted between producer (i.e. member of EIHA and partner of consortium) and EIHA projects GmbH.
  • After the authorisation is granted to the Consortium of EIHA members, the sublicences already acquired can be activated. For this purpose, the sublicence acquirer (i.e. the producer, who is at the same time an EIHA member and a consortium partner) has to handle the sublicences and the communication of the existing or expected turnover. Details will be governed by a separate contract that protects the rights of the consortium and takes into account the legitimate interests of the acquirers in the protection of their trade secrets (e. g. details of WL clients will only be disclosed to the legal advisor of EIHA projects GmbH).

Those clients who are interested in NF application and buy from A4 GROUP white label products we recommend to buy a sublicense. We, as a manufacturer, will be a link between EIHA and white label client. A4 GROUP will send a separate agreement for this service, where you, as our client will be responsible to provide us information/documents and follow the requirements the same as are required, or will be requested by the NF consortium in a timely manner.
White label clients are not required to be a member of EIHA.

White label clients will be required to send us asap:

  • 1) documents which confirm CBD related turnover for the last three years, consolidated and average
  • 2) if your company is newly registered – last consolidated balance AND expected turnover.
  • 3) company’s details – name of the company, registration number, registered address, brand name, VAT number.

During the next months, we will submit this information to the EIHA consortium and once novel food authorisation is granted, all sublicences already acquired will be activated. This information we will send only to the legal advisor of EIHA.

If the client decides not to buy a sublicense from NF Consortium, A4 GROUP will take no responsibility for any requests from authorities and the consequences for failure to receive the authorisation.